Our customer support engineers work tirelessly to ensure your communications and connectivity needs are met anytime and anywhere.  We could list dozens of examples of their great work, but a recent success with a short notice request from a Public Affairs detachment with the US Military is worth shouting about.

The Problem:
The detachment had a Norsat fly-away terminal and needed to conduct an HD broadcast from Tonga back to Atlanta, but unfortunately their terminal didn’t have standard DVB-S, and we couldn’t rely on the existing broadcast infrastructure in Tonga. Additionally, there were no satellites that would cover Tonga and Norsat, or a teleport operated by the customer.  The public affairs detachment reached out to our customer service team with a 48 hour deadline for broadcast and the team quickly began searching for a creative solution.

Our Solution: The team determined that they could get airtime and land a teleport in Australia, so they prepared a care package consisting of a Radyne modem (to communicate with the fly-away terminal), a frequency converter, and a Cisco Router.  The Cisco router was configured to provide internet connectivity to the terminal, and allow the HD content to be streamed over the internet to the customer’s Hub in Atlanta Georgia.  The configuration also initiated a VPN tunnel back to Norsat HQ so that customer service could remote control the entire system from Vancouver, reducing the chances of a problem in Australia.

The entire kit was assembled in a single fly-away rack chassis, integrated and pre-cabled so that in Sydney they simply had to connect the equipment to power, Ethernet, and the two RF cables.  The rest was handled by Norsat customer service.

The Result: When the time came for the transmission, things went off without a hitch, and it was one of the smoothest HD broadcasts the customer had ever completed.  Thanks to the hard to work and creative thinking of our customer service team, we had a very happy customer who was able to meet their broadcast deadline!

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