ÁTOMO 80W Banda Ku BUC
ÁTOMO 80W Banda Ku BUC
ÁTOMO 80W Banda Ku BUC


ÁTOMO 80W Banda Ku BUC

ATOMBKU080 Series

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La serie Norsat ATOM de convertidores ascendentes en bloque (BUC) se encuentra entre los transmisores más pequeños, livianos y de mayor eficiencia energética disponibles. La alta eficiencia de ATOM reduce significativamente el consumo de energía, lo que genera un ahorro considerable en los costos operativos durante la vida útil del dispositivo.

band Ku-Band
band type S: Standard
external ref freq 10 MHz (sine-wave), - 5 to +5 dBm
input frequency band 1 950 - 1450 MHz
LO frequency 1 13.05 GHz
output power rated 80W
Gain Flatness (over 40MHz) ≤ 1.5 dB p-p
Gain Flatness (over full band) ≤ 6.0 dB p-p
Gain Flatness (over temperature) ≤ 3.0 dB p-p
input VSWR 2.0 : 1 max.
Linear Gain ≥ 60 dB
noise power density -65 dBm/Hz in Tx, -65 dBm/Hz in Rx
output P1dB 49 dBm min.
output power psat 50 dBm min.
output spurious in band ≤ -55 dBc
output spurious out of band P1dB ≤ -55 dBc
output VSWR 2.0 : 1 max.
phase noise 100khz offset -92 dBc/Hz
phase noise 10khz offset -82 dBc/Hz
phase noise 1khz offset -72 dBc/Hz
phase noise 1Mhz offset -102 dBc/Hz
input voltage + 18V to 56V DC via power connector
power connector MIL-26482 Series 1 receptacle, Shell Size 22, 4 Pins, ACS06E22-22P-472
power consumption 600 W max.
RF input connector Type N Connector (50 Ohm)
RF output connector WR-75 waveguide grooved
humidity 100% condensing
temperature operational -40 to +60°C
temperature storage -50 to +80°C
cooling 1: Internal Fan
enclosed accessories Screws, Gasket, M&C Connector, Power Connector
product dimensions (LxWxH) 295 x 135 x 164 mm
product weight < 6.5 kg (14.25 lb)
optional configuration add ons No Add-on
optional m and c cable 10m CABLEM+C-AT10
optional power supply PS600-AT2-(NA/UK/EU/IEC/CN/AU)