IMG_1703This week at CommunicAsia2015, Asia’s largest integrated ICT event, the latest innovative technologies from Big Data, Business Analytics, Cloud technologies, IoT, to Zigbee were unveiled. SatComm2015, a part of CommunicAsia2015, provided a strategic platform for the satellite communication industry to congregate and address key satellite-based issues within Asia-Pacific’s mobile ecosystem. It also provided an avenue for players to be updated on the latest satellite technologies.

Much like the Satellite 2015 show, CommunicAsia was much busier than in 2014, and the general thoughts around the industry are very positive. Unlike Satellite 2015 however, there is not much talk or demand for Ka-band products in Asia, although the discussions are starting.
Norsat’s ATOM BUC was again a huge draw and still remains the smallest, lightest, and most power efficient BUC on the planet despite some recent claims by others (yet their own specifications show it not to be true!).

Asia is still a C-Band market and Norsat’s new 5000 series C-Band PLL LNB garnered a lot of interest given its PLL performance at near DRO prices. Customers were happy to see this new product from Norsat as it fills a gap in the L.O. stability between Norsat’s 3000 and 8000 product lines. Norsat also entertained several in-depth discussions with prospects on our VSAT terminals.

On Monday, June 1, the Canadian Federal Government held a reception with about t 150 people in attendance. The event provided Canadian companies with a business networking platform to meet with companies from different countries in the APAC region.

All in all the show was a success with the Norsat booth constantly busy with customers appreciating Norsat’s standard products and our ability to deliver custom products fast.