Specification sheets for microwave components such as LNBs and BUCs are meant to provide the information you need to determine which of the products available in the market are best suited to your needs. If you are an Engineer it is easy to read these documents and make the necessary comparisons. If you do not have a background in Engineering it is a bit more complicated. For some specifications more is better, and for other less is more. An understanding of what the specifications actually mean and what their impact is on the system is important in order to make good decisions.

Sheri Morita, Norsat’s Senior Product Manager, has written an article for the June 2015 edition of SatMagazine that delves into some of the more common specifications for LNBs and BUCs. Topics addressed include an explanation of decibels (dB) – the measurement unit for many specifications; understanding what VSWR is and how it relates to return loss; a discussion on gain and gain variation; information on output power and the difference between Plin, P1dB and Psat; why L.O. stability is important for some applications but not others; and insights into noise, phase noise and spurious.

If you are responsible for purchasing LNBs and BUCs, or if you are simply interested in learning more on these topic then download the June 2015 edition of SatMagazine and read “A Primer On The Language Of… LNB + BUC”

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