The 141st NGAUS General Conference and Exhibition, which took place between August 30 – September 2 in Colorado, focused on modern communication solutions, professional development, resolutions and task forces. Norsat participated in NGAUS 2019 and captured the attention of key leaders and decision makers in the National Guard.

Norsat’s solution for reliable and easy-to-deploy mobile communications – the WAYFARER™ fly-away 0.9m manual acquire and 1.2m auto-acquire satellite terminals were the most sought-after products at NGUAS 2019. Our booth visitors liked that the Norsat WAYFARER terminals were relatively small and light for ultra-portable use. Most customers were happy that the cases included airline checkable options as this is a significant requirement for them when they almost always travel via commercial airlines.

There were discussions on sufficient funding to various departments – most states said Air Guard continues to receive more funds than Army counterparts though and Air Guard are more focused on communications. Hence, Norsat’s WAYFARER Commercial Terminal product line was of particular interest to several budget constrained National Guard units across the U.S. as this series is built for commercial applications, but strong enough for military satcom.

Norsat has been a leader in the satcom industry to manufacture the high-quality satellite components worldwide for 40+ years where we can offer a very broad range of RF options for our terminals. Norsat also displayed its range of block upconverters (BUCs) and new defense solutions at NGAUS. Norsat’s ATOM Series received a lot attention at the show as it ranks amongst the world’s smallest, lightest, and most energy efficient transmitters available. Ka and Ku-band GaN and GaAS ATOM BUCs are regularly used in military applications around the world and are known for their high customization capability and performance.

Norsat is proud to be part of the National Guard community as we are committed to delivering cutting-edge innovation and thought leadership for military applications. NGAUS 2019 proved to be a great show to showcase next-gen technologies, build strategic alliances and partnerships and network with global military satellite communications organizations. Norsat looks forward to participating in NGAUS 2020 in Boston to lead the way for new end-user markets, MILsatcom applications and technologies. BOOK A MEETING for NGAUS 2020 NOW!