Satellite News graphic - dots - FinalNorsat is continuing to expand the products available in the ATOM series of products. The most recent additions include low Ku-band Block Upconverters (BUCs) spanning 12.75 to 13.25 GHz and an outdoor 1:1 redundant system designed specifically for ATOM BUCs and Solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPAs).

The low Ku-band BUCs are based on Norsat’s successful 25W, 40W and 100W ATOM BUC design. The synthesizer board for the low Ku-band variants provides coverage in the 12.75 to 13.25 GHz frequency range.

The 1:1 redundant system is a fully automatic headless outdoor unit and is ideal for oil and gas VSAT networks, cable head ends, remote VSATs, disaster emergency systems and military applications. DC current is used to detect BUC/SSPA failure and switch to the alternate BUC/SSPA. Features include support for manual switching and Web-based M&C. The status of the offline BUC/SSPA is available and the offline unit can be replaced while the system is online.

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