Norsat follows a rigorous product development and testing process to ensure high quality products. However, if you do need to return one of our products, we provide a Return Material Authorization (RMA) service. By following the RMA process, you can easily return Norsat product for service or replacement in the event of a product failure.

To learn more about Norsat standard warranty policy you can find it here.

If your product is out of warranty, an Evaluation quote will be provided to cover the assessment and repair cost estimate.

Step 1: Collect Information

Make sure to collect the following information in order to process a RMA request

  • Main contact information
  • Product information with P/N and S/N for all units
  • Full description of the problem experienced
  • Supporting files with troubleshooting steps, test results, screenshots and photos that can help illustrate the problem.
  • Return shipping information

Step 2: Fill-in online form

Please fill-in the following form to submit the RMA request:

Form has been submitted successfully. Thank you for contacting Norsat!


General Information
Organization Name *
Main Contact First Name * Main Contact Last Name *
Main Contact Email * Main Contact Phone Number *
Product Information
Product Type *
Part Number *

Fill in the Part Number as shown on the Norsat Label. E.g.: 1208HU, ATOMBKU025E, GT100KUE040I-869990

Serial Number/System ID *

Fill in the Serial Numbers of the same Part Number separated by commas. E.g.: R007173001, R001713048, R001713099, R001713154

Problem Reported/Reason for Return *
Advance Replacement
Return Contact Information
(If different from Main Organization information)
Return Organization Name
Return Contact First Name Return Contact Last Name
Return Contact Email Return Contact Phone Number
Return Shipping Address
Return Shipping Address Line 1 *
Return Shipping Address Line 2
Return Shipping Address City * Return Shipping Address ZIP/Postal Code *
Return Shipping Address State/Province Return Shipping Address Country *
Return Shipping Comments (Tax ID, Military Contract)

I have read the terms and conditions.

This submission is an online RMA request form. The information will be forwarded to Norsat Customer Service for review. You will be contacted with an official RMA number with shipping documentation and instructions once approved.
1. Norsat offers a limited warranty to the product that is free from defects in workmanship and materials, while it remains under normal use and service for a period time from the date of purchase from Norsat. During warranty period, Norsat will repair and/or replace any part which a non-conformance to the specification.
2. For any Norsat RMA, the customer will be responsible for the shipping and custom clearance of the faulty product to Norsat.
a. If the product is still covered under Norsat warranty, Norsat will be responsible for the return shipment to the customer via International Economy and the customer will be responsible for the custom clearance.
b. If Norsat cannot replicate the problem reported on the returned product, the customer will be responsible for the return shipment and any additional charges.
3. Norsat will not be responsible for any incoming COD charges. Shipments with COD charges will be rejected by Norsat.
4. All incoming RMAs will be reviewed based on the reported problem. If any additional issues are noticed through Norsat incoming test, these issues will be reported to the customer. Customer must provide approval for any additional work found during the evaluation process or the product will be returned in its as-found state.
5. If Norsat does not receive any response from the customer for 6 months after the failed unit has been returned, the returned unit will be disposed.

I have read the RMA policy.

Step 3: Wait for confirmation and acknowledgment

You will receive a confirmation email that the RMA request is under review. One of our Customer Service representatives will contact you within a business day with instructions on how to proceed.

For further communication please reply to the confirmation email to avoid creating multiple communication threads.

In case the confirmation email was not received, please check your Junk Mail folder.


For additional support or inquiries please contact us at or +1 604-821-2800, option 2.