The 2017 Satellite Innovation Symposium was buzzing with great minds and thought-provoking ideas. Hosted at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California, the event brought together innovators and market experts in the satellite industry. The sessions were enlightening and ranged from “Ground-Based Ecosystems of the Future” to “Satellite Constellations – the New Roles of LEO & MEO”. The symposium included keynote speakers, Mark Dankberg, Chairman & CEO of ViaSat, and Greg Wyler, Founder and Executive Chairman of OneWeb. Overall, the sessions were very informative and extremely relevant to today’s satellite market.

On display at Norsat’s booth was the Journey Manpack satellite terminal, ATOM BUCs and SSPAs, and the newest addition to the LNB family, the 4- and 5- band LNBs. Though the attendees were mainly from the space industry, Norsat was well-prepared to represent the ground satellite equipment side of the industry. At the booth, the Journey Manpack was front and center, showcasing its ultra-portability and compact design. As well, visitors were interested in the ATOM BUCs and SSPAs as its SWaP features lends itself well to challenging and remote applications. Lastly, the new 4- and 5-band LNBs were praised for their versatility and adaptability to most systems. All products on display were well-received by attendees.

In conclusion, the 2017 Satellite Innovation Symposium was a great networking event! Both Norsat representatives, Daniel and Marcos, enjoyed their time at the Symposium and were able to network with major industry professionals. They appreciated that many key companies were at the Symposium and that the sessions were insightful and provided valuable information. Thank you to SatNews Publishers for putting on a great event!