IWCE is one of the most influential wireless communication shows in the world with over 7000 attendees from 62 countries. This year’s IWCE conference will be held from March 5-8, 2018. It is an event where companies showcase its best products and latest innovations. We are happy to announce that two of our technical experts, Mr. Micheal Macki and Mr. Jim Reville, have been selected as IWCE panel speakers in the conference program.

What does the future look like for RF antennas and system components? It looks smart. It’s well-connected. It uses the internet and can be controlled remotely. It can provide data on how it can maximize a radio network’s efficiency and utility. Learn how IoT-capable antennas are revolutionizing the radio networks industry. Join Micheal Macki in an interactive presentation and discussion on IoT-capable antennas. Session details below.

Session Name: IoT, M2M and Sensors Primer (M116)

Date: Monday March 5, 2018 from 8:30AM to 11:30AM

Room: N220G

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Planning a new or upgraded radio system? You won’t want to miss Jim Reville’s presentation on Tuesday March 6, 2018 at 8:30AM in room N220C. He will be providing an educational overview of the RF system design process, detailing the required system components and products. Case studies will be used as examples to illustrate potential problems that can happen in the field. Learn how to make more educated decisions when choosing RF filtering system products. Session details below.

Session Name: Planning a New or Upgraded Radio System (T217)

Date: Tuesday March 6, 2018 from 8:30AM to 11:30AM

Room: N220C

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