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Televisa is the largest multimedia corporation in Latin America. It is a major international entertainment business offering content such as TV shows, sports and newscasts across Latin America. The Televisa team has recently been busy with the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.Their satellite team has travelled from Mexico to Brazil with their satellite truck, covering the Mexican team and it’s opponent’s matches. Oscar Herrera Ramirez is the Chief of Broadband and Satellite Network Operations at Televisa. He is responsible for the maintenance of the terminals, remote links with satellite and daily operations of the Televisa satellite team.


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When they are not streaming a FIFA game, the satellite team is broadcasting reports, player interviews, location- specific news and more. During the football matches, they install antennas in areas where there are large gatherings of viewers, such as main plazas or city squares. Oscar explains to us how Norsat terminals enable the Televisa team to capture the public reaction the moment it happens. Norsat terminals stream the content to the International Broadcast Center in Rio, which is then broadcast to the world. Thousands of fans may be lucky enough to enjoy the football in person, but it’s estimated that over 3.2 billion of us will catch the live TV coverage, and Norsat and Televisa have a hand in making that happen.


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Norsat and Televisa

Televisa’s satellite operations unit uses Norsat LNBs as well as Norsat Newslink terminals. The LNBs being used for the  World Cup are used on 4.5, 3.7, 1.5 and 1.0 meter C and Ku Band antennas (pictured to the right). Norsat Newslink terminals have given the satellite team at Televisa the ability to provide rapid response to the needs of various Televisa productions. Oscar also explains that the quality of Norsat products has allowed them to be used by Televisa for a long period of time with little need for repair or upkeep. Oscar says that the primary reasons for purchasing Norsat equipment was cost, quality and technical support.


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Norsat Newslink set up at a hotel ready for live broadcast.

When asked about the experience of working with Norsat products, Oscar replied that Norsat products give them a great deal of confidence in their job function. Norsat is pleased to provide Televisa with a dedicated technical support representative should the need arise. Oscar also commented that the design of Norsat terminals gives them the flexibility to adapt to different types of RF equipment and make upgrades to keep up with new technologies.

The Norsat Newslink

Norsat’s Flyaway Satellite Terminals are extremely rugged and transportable and are designed for newsgathering in challenging environments. Conveniently packaged in industrial cases and supported by advanced pointing tools, customers like Televisa are able to set up and begin transmitting in a matter of minutes, without technical expertise.

Norsat’s Flyaway systems are field proven, rugged and reliable. With units continuously operating for more than eight years (by military and civilian customers) in locations including Afghanistan, Iraq, and Haiti, users like Oscar rely upon the extreme durability of Norsat’s Satellite Solutions for broadcast quality transmission when it matters most.

Norsat’s LinkControl™ software seamlessly integrates all the tools needed for Satellite News Gathering with an easy to use interface and advanced capabilities.

Norsat terminals feature tool-free setup and an intuitive deployment strategy. Norsat’s flyaway terminals are available in aperture sizes of 45 centimeters to 3.8 meters and include HD support with one or more airline checkable cases.

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Oscar in front of the terminals, night time in Rio.

Communication is Our Passion

Norsat is committed to helping customers get the most out of their products. Customers like Televisa benefit from Norsat’s mission of being a leading provider of innovative communication solutions that enable the transmission of data, audio and video for remote and challenging applications. Televisa’s work at the 2014 World Cup is a great example of how Norsat connects the world to share some of the most exciting moments in history.

To find out more about Televisa, visit www.televisa com.