The cost of deploying satellite connectivity has never been lower.  With more bandwidth available than ever before, the cost of network services has dropped to levels that are well below that of terrestrial data connectivity only 10 years ago.  The low cost of connectivity combined with the steady reduction in equipment prices make VSAT solutions an affordable alternative where terrestrial service requires a redundant backup, or does not yet exist.

Despite the affordability of the services, challenges remain for organizations deploying VSAT solutions today.  Packaged bundles often seek to provide “good enough” capabilities but rarely deliver the best installer or user experience.  Some issues that we have heard from our customers regarding VSAT deployment include:

  • Mismatched components that do not work well together.  This results in long installation times and poor service delivery.  This problem is illustrated when powering a BUC from a modem that does not provide adequate power.  While the installation may look fine, the transmit connection will not be stable.
  • Poorly designed antennas.  These may be cheap to buy but may not offer the strength required to support the LNB and BUC.  These antennas often prove difficult to assemble and aim, and perform poorly in harsh conditions.  This can result in much longer installation times, increased repair costs in the long term, and poor service delivery.
  • Large packaging. Bulky packaging creates problems when transporting terminals to remote areas, especially where 4×4 or helicopter access is required. Costs for large deployments can vary dramatically if units are delivered one at a time.

The Norsat VSAT Advantage

At Norsat we are always looking for new ways to help our customers meet their communication challenges and so we are working closely with our industry partners to define a flexible and reliable VSAT solution that does not compromise quality for price.  Today we can offer a selection of microwave products that work well in any VSAT application and we continue our research and development work to provide a complete VSAT solution that is easy to buy, install, service, and use.

Thinking about a VSAT deployment?  Have unique requirements in your project?  Please contact us to see how we can help.