Portable Intelligent Reconnaissance Robot


Portable Intelligent Reconnaissance Robot


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ZC-380 portable intelligent reconnaissance robot is rugged, small and lightweight, perfect to carry on as a back-pack. The robot survives dropping on ground and can be quickly deployed in narrow spaces, moving quietly and fast, equipped with cameras and pickups to collect real-time audio and video data of on-site environment, even in darkness. 

Individuals can remotely manipulate the robot to certain places or dangerous areas while maintaining a safe distance, monitoring the place or target objects in real time, so as to make decisions and actions quickly. 

Standard Accessories

• Controller • Communication Station • Support Rod
• Power Adaptor • Antenna • Packing Bag

Optional Accessories

• 30 LiDAR Mapping Module • 20 LiDAR
• Wheels • Explosive Destroyer

Color Camera 2
Dropping Height Up to 5 m 
Mobility - Agility Zero radius turn 
Mobility - Slope Up to 45° 
Mobility - Speed

Up to 6.5km/h (tracks) 
Up to 8.0km/h (wheels) 

Mobility - Vertical Obstacles Up to 180mm 
Network Type Wireless Ad Hoc Network (iMesh) 
Payload 2 kg
Runtime 3 hours
Working Temperature -20-60°C
Working Temperature Battery Life

500 discharge cycles (>0°C)
300 discharge cycles (-20°C)

Size 270 x 255 x 120 mm 
Weight 3.2 kg