Since 1977, Norsat International has been a global leader in satellite communications technologies for remote and challenging applications. We provide satcom solutions for various markets like Military, Airborne, Broadcast, Maritime, Commercial, Oil and Gas and Mining. To learn more about Norsat’s latest products and services, view our latest corporate video here:

To enquire about a specific product that interested you in the video, feel free to contact us. Norsat leverages over 40 years of expertise to provide unique and customized solutions for multiple applications like defense, emergency services, homeland security, healthcare, news organizations and Fortune 1000 companies worldwide. You can learn more about Norsat’s customized satcom applications below.

Commercial and Broadcast

From enterprise communications to broadcasting teams, Norsat’s new WAYFARER Series enables organizations to expand their reach and connect with customers and clients across the most challenging geographies. The WAYFARER Series includes rugged, high-performance satellite terminals for all commercial applications. These ultra-portable commercial fly-away, drive-away and fixed satellite terminals can be setup quickly, with tool-free installation. These weather-proof antennas are equipped with a 1.2m or 1.8m composite reflector. Distributing audio-visual content clearly using cutting-edge satcom solutions for stationary and mobile broadcast applications is important to Norsat. The WAYFARER series can be transported by commercial airlines and are extremely useful when a news story of global interest emerges. Broadcasters trust Norsat’s reliable and rapidly deployable technology which is critical in being the first-to-air with a breaking story.


Norsat enables military forces to accomplish mission objectives reliably, rapidly and cost-effectively. Be it search & rescue operations or providing real-time data to and from the battle field, Norsat helps military teams to deploy and manage communication networks that can be scaled easily without the restrictions of infrastructure. Signature products like the GLOBETrekker 2.0 , Journey Manpack and CFK-100E compact fly-away kit are widely used by Special Forces and government applications that require maximum portability.


Norsat’s MarineLink™ COM series of maritime VSAT terminals provide reliable satellite communications for maritime applications across the oceans. With a 2048kb/s downlink and 512kb/s uplink, the 3-axis operating platform and 360-degree high-speed tracking design ensures a reliable link in even the most rugged, stormy conditions. With its simple setup and pre-programmed satellite almanac, users with minimal training like crew from cruise ships, fisheries, oil rigs, tourist boats or even experienced navy officers, can have a MarineLink system up and transmitting in just a matter of minutes.

Satellite Components

Norsat offers a wide range of BUCs, SSPAs, LNBs, LNAs, BDCs, and microwave components that can be customized to meet specific requirements.  The signature ATOM series of Ku and Ka-band BUC’s and SSPA’s are among the smallest, lightest, most energy efficient transmitters available. Norsat’s MEDIAN Series of Ku-band Block Upconverters are designed with both performance and value in mind, as these BUCs provides reliable, durable, and strong linearity. The ELEMENT Series of Ku and C- band RoHS compliant BUCs have 18 frequency options with output power ranging from 2W to 6W. The ease of feed mounting makes them ideal for fixed and portable VSAT applications.