Customizable solutions for military and corporate applications

Norsat utilizes

it's 40+ years of expertise in satellite communications to provide a wide array of components. With a highly customizable portfolio including everything from LNBs, LNAs, BUCs/SSPAs, BDCs, and 5G interference mitigation solutions, Norsat is capable of designing satellite communication networks from the ground up. The products offer high performance and ruggedness to meet the needs of military, broadcast and corporate customers anywhere in the world. Our harsh environments applications expertise and proven track record providing reliable satellite components ensure your communication needs are met wherever you are.

Our Portfolio

Low Noise Block Downconverters (LNB)

Norsat LNBs offer the highest quality and most extensive warranties on the market.

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Low Noise Amplifiers (LNA)

Norsat LNAs provide high performance signal amplification for satellite communication globally.

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Norsat Block Upconverters & Solid State Amplifiers series offers small, light, and extremely powerful Ku-band and Ka-band BUCs and SSPAs.

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Block Downconverter (BDC)

Norsat BDCs provide high performance signal conversion for satellite communication.

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5G Interference Solutions

Norsat's latest product offering for C-band operators that require 5G interference mitigation.

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Microwave Components

Norsat Microwave Components enhance the performance of communication systems by improving the reliability of transmission and reception.

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