Military and Commercial
Fly-Away Terminals
Norsat offers a wide breadth of terminal solutions designed for both the modern battlefield (GlobeTrekker series) and the civilian broadcasting and enterprise industries (Wayfarer series). In a wide array of reflector sizes, and in the various frequency bands required for operational and support networks, Norsat terminals delivers the quality, durability, flexibility and portability required for modern remote/inaccessible communications solutions. Some of the main features are: • Automatic and manual configurations • X, Ku, and Ka-Band frequencies • Fast, easy, tool-free installation • Airline checkable
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GLOBETrekker Auto Acquire Flyaway Antenna
From $81,942.00
WAYFARER - Flyaway
WAYFARER 1.2m Ku-Band Auto Flyaway Antenna
WAYFARER - Flyaway
WAYFARER 1.8m Ku-Band Auto Flyaway Antenna
WAYFARER - Flyaway
WAYFARER 1.2m Ka-Band Auto Flyaway Antenna
From $60,959.00
WAYFARER 0.8m Ka-Band Manual Flyaway Antenna
WAYFARER 1.2m Ku-Band Manual Flyaway Antenna
WAYFARER 1.8m Ku-Band Manual Flyaway Antenna
WAYFARER 0.9m Ku-Band Manual Flyaway Antenna
Journey ManPack 0.9 m Ku-Band Manual Acquire Antenna