Ultra-portable commercial Fly-away satellite terminals

Norsat’s WAYFARER series includes rugged, ultra-portable commercial fly-away satellite terminals, easy to-deploy commercial drive-away antenna systems and fixed terminal solutions. Products in this series are ideal for a variety of commercial applications including broadcast, oil and gas, mining, forestry, emergency response and remote enterprises.

Know and trusted for rugged military-grade terminals, together with decades of LNB and BUC product development track record, Norsat has applied its expertise to bring you this new offering of high-performance and reliable commercial products. The WAYFARER series includes antennas that are both manual and auto-acquire and in multiple reflector sizes.

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• Fast deployment
• Easy-to-use Tool-free installation
• Light-weight, rugged carbon fiber reflector
• Manual or Auto Acquire models available
• Variety of RF options available
Rugged and lightweight pedestal design


• Easy and intuitive web-based LinkControl™ Interface
• Heavy duty platform and reflector folding design
• Lightweight and durable carbon fiber reflector
• Fast, simple, intuitive one-button deployment on ACU
• From “stow-to-go” in under 5 minutes
• Automatic 3-axis acquisition
• Wide range of Norsat BUC and LNB configurations
• Includes easy-to-use IRU ACU for easy indoor operation


• Fast, simple installation2m or 1.8 m composite reflectors
• Weather-proof durability
• Mast and non-penetrating mount options
• Ku band model available