Low Noise Amplifier
Norsat’s Low Noise Amplifier (LNAs) provide signal reception for satellite communications around the world. We offer premium performance and reliability in the smallest form factor possible, in all key satellite bands. All of our standard LNAs are backed by a 3-year warranty and nearly forty years of experience as the industry’s leading provider of high performance LNAs. Main features include: • C, X, Ku, and Ka-bands available • The industry’s best LO (Local Oscillator) stability • High performance for any application • Excellent availability and short lead times

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LNA Series
Single-Band Wide-Band LNA
LNA Series
Single-Band S-Band LNA
LNA Series
Single-Band L-Band LNA
LNA Series
Single-Band Ka-Band LNA
LNA Series
Single-Band Ku-Band LNA
LNA Series
Single-Band C-Band LNA
From $2,249.00
LNA Series
Single-Band X-Band LNA
From $2,641.00
8000 Single-Band C-Band LNA
LNA-4000 Series
4000 Single-Band Ku-Band LNA
LNA-X1000 Series
1000 Single-Band X-Band LNA
From $2,376.00
9000 Single-Band Ka-Band LNA