C-band 5G
Interference Solution

The C-band 5G Interference Solution is Norsat’s latest product offering for C-band operators that require 5G interference mitigation. With the onset of 5G, there is a need for specialized products to block or prevent interference from 5G base stations in proximity of C-band ground terminals. Norsat’s solution comprises of interference suppression C-Band LNBs and specialized bandpass filters for effective satellite communication. Traditionally, C-band is used for satellite services, radar, and microwave links; however, with the terrestrial wireless industry’s planned introduction of new mobile phone networks such as LTE, Wi-Max, and 5G, these C-band frequencies will now be shared amongst a wider range of services. The interference signals are powerful enough to saturate the sensitive C-band satellite receiving systems, causing a potential for total loss of service.

C-Band 5G Interference Solution

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C-band 5G Interference PLL LNBs

3000-sBPF Series

Optimal for maritime terminal applications, this combines an LNB and a Band Pass Filter into a single compact form factor and can switch in and out the filtering between full and concatenated portions of the C-Band spectrum, allowing customers to use the full C-band when they are at sea and switch in the 5G filtering when they are close to shore.

•  Rejects terrestrial interference in C-Band (5G, radar and C-Band transmitters)

• Combines an LNB plus a Band Pass Filter into the same compact form factor as a Norsat 3000 series LNB

• Ideal for maritime terminal applications

• Switch filtering between full and narrow portions of the C-Band spectrum, depending on at present level of interference

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3000-BPF Series

There is concern in the industry that 5G’s high-powered omni-directional signals would overpower existing C-band signals, disrupting the delivery of broadcast content. 5G in‐band transmissions received by the Earth stations could drive regular LNBs into saturation or produce unwanted intermodulation products which degrade the desired signal from the satellite. Earth stations may be fitted with 5G Interference mitigating C-band LNBs with internal filters to prevent service disruption. Norsat’s advanced C-band 5G Interference LNB is the perfect solution for broadcasters, media houses, TV distributors and other C-band users.

•  Rejects terrestrial interference in C-band (5G, Radar and C-Band transmitter)

•  In the same housing as Norsat 3000 LNBs

•  Mitigates interference signals less than -25 dBm with no degradation

•  Can be used with Norsat’s BPF-C for additional 5G rejection

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C-Band 5G Interference Filters

eBPF-C Series

A high-performance band pass filter with a narrow guard band that is easy to install, environmentally sealed, and moisture resistant. Delivers additional 5G rejection for the 3200-BPF series of LNB and C-Band Band Pass Filters.

• Rejects terrestrial interference in C-Band (5G, Radar and C-Band transmitter)

• Exceptional performance with narrow, < 20 MHz, guard band

• Easily installed between the feed and LNB for new and existing installations

• Suitable for use with Norsat’s C-Band LNBs

• Environmentally sealed and moisture resistant (IP66)

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BPF-C Series

Norsat’s C-band 5G Interference bandpass filter has been tested extensively and can be used to remove sources of interference from 5G signals. If these unwanted spurious signals are not removed, they can cause problems such as intermodulation products and LNB saturation. Norsat’s C-band bandpass filter features a broad passband with low insertion loss, steep skirts that roll off quickly, and high stopband rejection.

•  Rejects C-band terrestrial interference

•  Easily installed between the feed and LNB

•  Suitable for use with Norsat’s C-Band LNBs

•  Environmentally sealed and moisture resistant (IP66)

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