C-Band 5G Bandpass Filter
C-Band 5G Bandpass Filter
C-Band 5G Bandpass Filter
C-Band 5G Bandpass Filter


C-Band 5G Bandpass Filter

BPF-C / BPF-CN Series

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Norsat’s band pass filters reject terrestrial interference in C-Band and can be easily installed between the feed and an LNB. It is suitable for use with Norsat’s existing C-Band LNBs and is environmentally sealed and moisture resistant (IP66). BPF / BPF-C Series.

band C-Band
group delay variation within 0.5MHz 0.6 nsec
input frequency band 1 3.70 - 4.20 GHz
rejection 25 dB min at 3.650 GHz and 4.250 GHz; 60 dB min at 3.550 GHz and 4.350 GHz; 70 dB min at 3.500 GHz and 4.400 GHz
input VSWR 1.4 : 1 max.
insertion loss in band 0.5 dB max.
output VSWR 1.9 : 1 max.
RF input connector CPR 229G waveguide grooved
RF output connector CPR-229F
product dimensions (LxWxH) 120 x 100 x 70 mm
product weight < 650 g