Network Solutions

Everything you need to build your satellite communication solution from the ground up

A Satellite Network Solutions consists of a number of remote terminals of different types and configurations (flyaway, portable, maritime, fixed), a Network Operation Center (NOC) or Hub and the satellite bandwidth. These solutions can be deployed by sectors like Military/Government, Enterprises and Oil & Gas. Our consolidated expertise and quick customization capabilities, allow us to build a tailor made communication solution, from design to implementation.

Our services include

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Case study

Broadband Internet Connectivity For BC’s First Nations

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Quick customization: Thermal management solution

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The Future of Thermal Management

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Other Solutions in Our Portfolio


As we witness the evolution of integrated communication, we also observe the increased number of requirements for satcom solutions. Sometimes, off-the-shelf component will not meet these demanding and ever-growing specifications. Thermal, mechanical and environmental features may need customized products and services to achieve the desired performance goals.

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Radio over Satellite

Communication requirements and channels have evolved drastically and Radio communications play an essential role, especially in public safety, fleet operations, mining and military applications. Most radio networks use line of sight propagation or have fixed repeater stations. Radio over satellite can extend these networks and provide essential connectivity between HQ and field teams during natural disasters and mission-critical applications.

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