- Meet our Customers -

“When we became regional distributors for Norsat we were impressed by how diverse their portfolio is.  What has added great value to our business is the level of support and materials available to assist us support our customer base. 

 The addition of 5G Mitigating LNB’s and Filters to the extensive product range has really helped customers with specific 5G interference issues. Following some intense testing the Norsat LNB and Filters have been selected by several Tier One Customers, who reported very good results.”

Richard Osborne
Director, M&J Communications Ltd

"The communication with the sales and technical teams of Norsat is very productive and professional. Quick and adequate support is nowadays very important and Norsat is a very reliable partner.

We’ve decided to establish a long-term partnership since our customers are very satisfied with the availability and quality of the goods, as well as the after-sales support. We’re working like a team to resolve customers’ issues if any. The result is a satisfied customer and more interest and inquiries for Norsat’s product list."

Krasimir Terziev
Director of Business Development, Orbital Connect

"I have been in the satellite industry for a number of years and can’t emphasize enough how impressed I am with the level of customer service and support that I have received from Norsat.

They have gone above and beyond in ensuring that we can meet deadlines from the first point of contact. Norsat has exceptional products and amazing staff. I look forward to continue working with them in the future."

Tennille Ristic
Customer Service Manager, Acutec

"I have worked with Norsat for approximately 20 years and my experience with them has always been positive. Their products are reliable and mostly available from stock. 

I believe Norsat’s experience and exposure in the satellite industry makes them a perfect manufacturer to work with."

Alex Stanton 
CEO, IK Tech Corporation 

"I am really pleased with Norsat’s ability to customize products fast and how much they care about the customers. To win the market in Brazil, it is very important to cater to customers’ unique product requirements. Norsat’s performance and quality are undoubtedly one of the best in the satellite industry.

Everybody knows how serious Norsat is about their work!"

Heloisa Spranger
Commercial Manager, STI Telecom Brazil

"An exceptional company that has clearly earned their reputation, with knowledgeable engineers
and most likely outstanding leadership."

Dustin Alexander
Director of Sales, Digisat

"Norsat’s turnaround and response time to any of our questions is very quick."

Menny Saidov

System Engineer ELTA Systems

EUROSATCOM has been working as a NORSAT regional reseller for a year and we are very happy with this collaboration: very reactive company, most competitive price for this quality and reliability level and of course a very wide range of products. We expect a bright future with Norsat.

Samy Nasrallah
Managing Director, Eurosatcom

"We have been working with Norsat over the past 10 years and they are undoubtedly the most reputable satellite provider in the market. "

Rosani Hie
Director, GSTIndo