Webinar: 5G LNBs

Presenter: Norsat’s Electrical Engineer Jaber Moghaddasi

Date: December 8th, 2020 8am-9am PST

The new wireless era is right at the corner, and the 5th generation (5G) wireless systems are much publicized. Although 5G technology brings a host of benefits for mobile communication, it degrades the service level for other technologies such as satellite communication by limiting the available bandwidth for satellite communication or interfering with satellite signals at the adjacent frequency bands. Therefore, the need for developing blocker tolerant LNBs have moved to the forefront of the satellite communications industry, and multiple 5G interference mitigation solutions have recently been introduced.

In this webinar, Norsat’s RF Design Engineer, Dr. Jaber Moghaddasi, will discuss the impact of blockers from 5G base stations on LNBs. He’ll also review the multiple techniques for developing blocker tolerant receivers and present the various solutions that Norsat Inc. has put forward to mitigate the degradation caused by such interferences. You’ll also witness firsthand the performance of Norsat’s switchable 5G LNB, i.e., 3200-sBPF-5, through a live demonstration.

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