Article: Norsat Showcases Innovation With Key Product Launches At Satellite 2019

The SATELLITE 2019 Conference and Exhibition united over 15,000 aerospace and satcom connectivity thought leaders, entrepreneurs, executives, engineers, end-users and enthusiasts from more than 100 countries, forming one of the largest and most important global satellite technology events of the year. Serving all industries looking to better their business operations or enhance their strategy through connectivity, the SATELLITE Conference and Exhibition took place between May 6 – 9, 2019 in Washington, DC.

Norsat Showcases Innovation With Key Product Launches At Satellite 2019

The show was a buzz with the latest discussions on the continued strength, importance and relevance of space-based solutions in the worldwide telecommunications infrastructure. The event was an excellent opportunity for Norsat to connect with some of our key customers, distributors and business partners to discuss opportunities and issues facing the satellite communications marketplace, as well as showcase some of our leading products and technology for applications including satellite & space, military & government, commercial markets, telecom & wireless etc. It was a busy year for Norsat, and our team had meetings booked back-to-back, almost every hour.

Norsat Showcases Innovation With Key Product Launches At Satellite 2019

At Norsat’s booth, we launched the ATOM GaN models – an extension to our ATOM GaAs range of block upconverters (BUCs). One of the most interesting aspects that drew customer’s interest was the excellent SWaP balance: our 80W GaN ATOM BUC is 62% lighter and 70% smaller than competing products in the industry. They were also impressed with its technical specifications and thermal management. Another highlight of the event was Norsat’s launch of the world’s first Q-band LNB. Globally renowned as being pioneers in the LNB market, Norsat Q-band PLL LNB, the Q1000H will facilitate experimental and pioneering work with Q-band satellites initiatives. Norsat aims to be the first to provide next-gen products in the EHF frequency range, supporting satellite communications, remote sensing, terrestrial microwave communications and radio astronomy studies. Customers were not only impressed with it’s specs, but the size of the output waveguide.

Norsat Showcases Innovation With Key Product Launches At Satellite 2019

Also highlighted at the booth was Norsat’s C-band 5G interference solution and two of our portable satellite terminals – The 1.2m and 0.9m WAYFARER Series. Booth visitors liked the small size and low weight of the portable terminals as these factors continue to be a prime requirement for both military and commercial customers. Booth visitors liked the one button interface on 1.2m WAYFARER fly-away and they liked that the 0.9m fly-away fit into one single case. The iDirect modem and Link Control software interface drew a lot of attention as well. Few customers who operate in the c-band and those that were preparing for 5G infrastructure in their country were impressed with Norsat’s 5G Interference mitigating LNB and bandpass filter. The Norsat team gave them some more insight into the 5G band allocation and its impact. Some of the other exhibitors featured antennas, broadband technology, terminals, modems, satellite networks, broadcast services, amplifiers and automation technology.

The world as we know it is becoming increasingly connected and satellites continue to play a larger role as industries continue to increase their connectivity. SATELLITE 2019 allowed attendees to gain a fresh perspective and stay on the leading edge of an industry with an ever-changing landscape. The key discussions this year revolved around the final frequency plan for 5G infrastructure implementation in the US and specifications for WGS-certified terminals.

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