ATOM BUC Series - Software, Manuals and Mechanical Diagrams

The Norsat ATOM Series products are easily configured with Norsat’s ATOMControl software, an intuitive user interface that provides the ability to monitor and control ATOM Series BUCs and SSPAs. Use the links provided below to download ATOMControl and the accompanying user manual.



ATOMControl 2.1.9 (Latest Version – updated April, 2021)
Previous Versions
ATOMControl 2.1.0
ATOMControl 2.1.5
ATOMControl 2.1.6
ATOM Operator Manuals
12W Ka-Band Operator Manual
20-25-40-50W Ku-Band Operator Manual
20-40-80W Ku-Band GaN Operator Manual
25-50W Ka-Band Operator Manual
100-250W Ku-Band Operator Manual

ATOM Ka-Band Switching Instructions

ATOM Mechanical Diagrams
20W Ku-Band BUC/SSPA Mechanical Diagram