Baseband Kits

Airline carry-on solutions for field deployment

Integrated fly-away kits packaged in two airline carry-on cases, these kits provide secure and non-secure communications via an Ethernet connection. Customized Baseband kits are available to meet specialized customer needs, please contact us for details on custom solutions

• All-in-one tool kits for satellite system field deployments
• Support a variety of applications
• Includes the tools needed to maintain satellite connectivity.

CFK-0030 Minikit

The Norsat CFK-MiniKit is a high performance fly-away kit packaged in one airline carry-on case. These kits can be used with a customer furnished encryption device (or orderable option) to provide secure or non-secure (red or black) communications over satellite

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CFK-100D Compact Flyaway Kit

The Norsat CFK-100D is an integrated flyaway kit packed intwo airline carry on cases. It provides secure and non-securecommunications via an Ethernet connection

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CFK-100E Compact Flyaway Kit

The Norsat CFK 100E is an integrated flyaway kit supporting simultaneous voice, video and data communications overclassified (red) and unclassified (black) networks from anywhere. The kit is packed in two airline carryon backpack cases and hard cases and includes a HD 720pwebcam and headset for remote video conferencing.

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CFK-100E OTK Kit

The Norsat CFK-100E-OTK (Outdoor Transmission Kit)provides reliable, redundant communication capability via Satellite BGAN terminal or Cellular Modem/Router. The integrated UPS with battery backup provides a minimum of 3hours of continuous operation in the event of a power loss.

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CFK-3210 Red/Black Gateway

The Norsat CFK-3210 Red/Black Gateway provides a converged IP gateway solution for demanding environments in a compact, highly portable package. Support is provided for simultaneous Red and Black connectivity from a single gateway unit

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CFK-4200 Compact Flyaway Kit

The Norsat CFK-4200 Emergency Communications Kit gives first responders the capability to connect to remote resources while in the field under adverse circumstances. To maximize flexibility, the system provides users with the ability to establish reliable communication via three methods: BGAN satellite, satellite phone, or a cellular data network (EV-DO or UMTS).

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CFK-7700 Wide Area Network Gateway

The CFK-7700 WAN Gateway provides a converged IP gateway solution for demanding environments in a compact, highly portable package. The 7700 incorporates a Cisco 2811Integrated Services Router with Advanced IP Services, a protocol enhancement proxy, and encryption.

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CFK-200 Communication Suitcase

The Norsat CFK-200 Communication Suitcase is a single case solution that incorporates two Cisco 2811 Integrated Services Routers with Advanced IP services and encryption.

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