The new WAYFARER drive-away is Norsat’s solution for reliable and easy-to-deploy mobile communications. The solid, low-weight, and low-height reflector mount deploys easily for fast and reliable satellite acquisition and tracking. Whether mounted on an emergency vehicular command center or a mobile broadcast van – count on Norsat’s WAYFARER drive-away terminals for mobile broadband-level communications capability. This terminal is ideal for mobile offices, satellite news gathering, broadcasting, governments, first responders, and emergency mobile headquarters.

Drive Away Antenna


The Norsat Wayfarer drive-away terminal includes:
  • 1.2m and 1.8m carbon fiber reflectors

  • Ku-band

  • Easy, one-button auto-acquire, 4 min max. auto acquisition

  • Secure, low-height vehicle room mount (38cm stowed)

  • Choice of block upconverters (BUC) ranging from 4W to 80W

  • Supports DVB-S1, DVB-S2


Ideal applications include:
  • Mobile offices

  • Satellite news gathering / Broadcasting

  • First responder emergency mobile headquarters

  • Government emergency mobile command post