Quick Assembly Fly-Aways: The Modern Military Must-Have

In current times, an increasing number of remote military missions require a robust communication network that can broadcast or receive data with consistency in all environments. Norsat offers a wide range of satellite communication solutions for remote and challenging applications and serves military customers worldwide. The number one demand every year from defense customers are military flyaways that are easy to deploy and use. This leads one to think – why would the military sector ask for something like this? Aren’t they technologically advanced? Well, the modern military have different goals to think about when it comes to gear. No doubt they are extremely advanced in the fields of engineering and communications technology, but the modern warfighter should be free to focus on what’s most important – the MISSION, rather than lengthy assembly of equipment.


Quick-assembly communications equipment like fly-away satellite terminals are important to specialized ‘Rapid Deployment Forces’. Such services typically consist of elite military units like special forces, search and rescue teams, marines, paratroopers etc. that need to respond to emergencies, establish communication networks and carry out tasks successfully in a matter of hours. Most of the time, the rescue window or response time is just 30 minutes. Niche groups like  an Air Force Rescue Squadron’s Ready Reaction Force (RRF) are capable of rapid response to situations that develop in a very short time frame. In such situations, military fly-away satellite terminals like Norsat’s GLOBETrekker 2.0 prove to be extremely useful. It’s one-touch interface enables easy operation and rapid deployment set up in just 10 steps and can auto-acquire a satellite in less than 5 minutes. Specialized components like the universal LNB allow automated frequency selection for worldwide deployments. Moreover, its modular architecture enables easy sub-assembly replacement, and RF band switching in the field. Currently deployed by militaries around the world, the GLOBETrekker 2.0 includes IP65 compliant sealed equipment for all weather use and digital levelling technology for deployment in uneven terrain.


Modern militaries spend a significant amount of time in training and simulation exercises, often involving classified information and expensive, customized equipment. If the equipment is intelligent and easy to use, there is minimum time spent on ‘assembly’ training, and more on execution. Videos like Norsat’s easy 10-step assembly of the GLOBETrekker 2.0 satellite terminal can be viewed to give them an insight into assembly. With an intelligent, integrated design, it is powerful and easy to use for operators of all experience levels. The system can be completely assembled without tools, and special LinkControl software provides an intuitive user interface for setting up profiles and monitoring operation. Additionally, it is fully compliant to meet MIL-STD 810G standards which means it will operate under demanding environmental conditions. Using easy-assembly products like the GLOBETrekker minimize training requirements and enable even the most inexperienced users, including operations personnel without any satcom training or background at all, to transmit real-time data to and from the battle field.


Modern militaries are investing in sleek, next-generation, lightweight yet rugged products for defense applications. Gone are the days when one associated military operation with heavy equipment, years of training, tanks, isolation etc.  Information saves lives and an informed soldier is an effective soldier. Built for quick deployment, with a suite of integrated modems or video encoders, and IATA packaging compact enough for airline check in, operators rely on the GLOBETrekker for mission critical communications anywhere on the planet. Norsat’s GLOBETrekker is truly a sophisticated communications tool for rapid deployment into the harshest of environments with special size, weight, power and feature requirements to meet the needs of the modern military. View the easy 10-step assembly video NOW or contact us for customizable quick assembly fly-aways.

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