Case Study: Connections - Norsat And DCI Teleport

When customers think of Norsat products, they often think of them as being high-quality, military-grade, and rugged. Though it is true that Norsat’s products are mainly found in military, Norsat’s satellite terminals and satellite components are also used in a wide range of commercial applications such as broadcasting, oil and gas, and enterprise. Norsat offers a variety of products that are suitable for the commercial market including satellite components such as BUCs and LNBs, as well as satellite terminals including drive-aways and fly-aways.

DCI Teleport, a Washington-based provider of transportable uplink services for broadcasting networks and long-time Norsat customer, explains how they use a Norsat fly-away terminal for their application of transmitting news to broadcast stations around the world. DCI Teleport was looking for something tough, weather-resistant, and portable – Norsat’s fly-away was the perfect solution for their needs. Examples of where DCI Teleport has used their Norsat fly-away terminal include during the Ecuadorian earthquake, the Presidential Inauguration Day in the USA, and Fidel Castro’s funeral in Cuba. Read the full case study, as published in the May 2018 issue of SatMagazine, to see how and why DCI Teleport uses Norsat products for breaking news.