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As we witness the evolution of integrated communication, we also observe the increased number of requirements for airborne microwave transmission, ranging from satellite to air-to-ground CDL band communications. Airborne applications introduce many challenging design constraints including increased temperature ranges, thermal management, vibration and shock, EMC/EMI, power requirements, and safety, all [...]

Communication requirements and channels have evolved drastically in the age of globalization and it has become imperative to enhance connectivity between organizations, world-wide teams, headquarters and employees on the field. Radio communications play an essential role in this, especially in public safety, fleet operations, mining and military applications. Most [...]Read More
5G networks in the 3.4 to 4.0 GHz band are coming and will cause interference problems in the satellite C-band receive spectrum 3.4 - 4.2 GHz. To maximize available spectrum the guard bands between the 5G systems and the satellite receive bands will get smaller and smaller. New filters [...]Read More
A new white paper is available for download written by Khashayar Ebrahimi, Engineer at Norsat International. Sometimes an off-the-shelf Block Upconverters (BUC) does not meet the demanding thermal and mechanical requirements of a specific application or project. For example, airborne applications often require the BUC to operate in extreme [...]Read More
A new white paper is available for download written by Mehdi Ardavan,  RF Design Engineer at Norsat International. With the rollout of 5G infrastructure, interference signals will be powerful enough to saturate the sensitive C-band satellite receiving systems, causing a potential for total loss of service. To eliminate or control [...]
A new white paper is available for download! Written by Michael Schefter, Chief Scientist and Mehdi Ardavan,  RF Design Engineer at Norsat International, the paper reflects on understanding and quantifying the differences between GaN and GaAs amplifiers and the Impact on System Performance.  Traditionally RF power amplifiers used GaAs technology which [...]
A new white paper is available for download! Written by Mike Macki of Sinclair Technologies, this white paper provides an overview of the basic types of cavity combiners. In order to understand how combiners operate, it is important to have an approximate idea of how cavities and transmission lines work.

PathFinder Digital was awarded a contract by prime contractor General Dynamics Mission Systems for the delivery of MVSAT terminals for the US Air Force Global Broadcast Service (GBS) program operating on WGS satellites. The solution proposed was a .85M Ka/Ku band, airline checkable, flyaway terminal packed in two transit [...] Read More

M&J Communications Ltd. are a UK based, European satellite distributor of Communication and Broadcast equipment. They added Norsat's product portfolio  to their offerings approximately 4 years ago and are steadily increasing UK based stock to supply local customer requirements. Norsat strengthened its presence in the United Kingdom & European [...]

RF Neighbor Electronics has been a leading provider of advanced technology RF/ Microwave components for over two decades in China. Norsat strengthened its reach in the Asian market by supplying them with a complete communications solution of an LNB controller and 5-Band LNBs as highly flexible frequency changes were required [...] Read More

Headquartered in Wisconsin, USA, DH Satellite is a leading manufacturer of commercial, solid spun aluminum satellite antennas in both C-band and Ku-band. As early as 1998, DH Satellite  transitioned to using Norsat LNBs as reliable DRO LNBs were needed for use with the DH Antenna line. For well over two [...]
NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center operates the Global Hawk unmanned aircraft for high-altitude, long-duration Earth science missions. Acquired from the U.S. Air Force, this autonomously flown aircraft is built under the original Global Hawk Advanced Concept Technology Demonstrator development program sponsored by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. Norsat’s customized [...]
When customers think of Norsat products, they often think of them as being high-quality, military-grade, and rugged. Though it is true that Norsat's products are mainly found in military, Norsat's satellite terminals and satellite components are also used in a wide range of commercial applications such as broadcasting, [...]
Norsat started out 2018 with a great new case study published in the January 2018 issue of SatMagazine! This case study is based on the custom GLOBETrekker terminal that Norsat built for Kratos’ European subsidiary, Kratos Communications SAS and outlines how Norsat was able to provide a custom multi-band [...]

NASA had an aging radar infrastructure that needed to be replaced and upgraded. Radiometrics took on this project, but soon realized that they needed to partner with an antenna manufacturer who could meet the specifications of their custom engineered design. Radiometrics contacted several suppliers but only a few could meet these [...]

Updated: 04/28/2017 In 2005, NAV CANADA’s radar coverage of Hudson Bay was limited to line-of-sight (LOS) and did not cover the entire Hudson Bay area. The Company used VHF communication sites around Hudson Bay and HF communications for areas that were not covered by VHF. During a testing phase, the [...]
Satellite News Gathering  - click here for the full application note. On a recent trip to New York, Norsat’s Manager of Marketing Communications, Annette Colligan, spotted one of Norsat’s Low Noise Block downconverters (LNBs) on an AVL Technologies satellite antenna on top of a New England news truck at Yankee [...]
Televisa- 2014 World Cup - click here for the full case study. Background Televisa is the largest multimedia corporation in Latin America. It is a major international entertainment business offering content such as TV shows, sports and newscasts across Latin America. The Televisa team has recently been busy with the 2014 [...]
Disaster Truck Case Study -click here for the full case study.   Background Roger Hawkins is the President and founder of the freelance telecommunications organization, Disaster Truck. Disaster Truck utilizes Norsat’s flyaway satellite terminal, The NewsLink, to capture and broadcast breaking news events globally. Roger describes Disaster Truck as a fantasy. [...]
FNESS Case Study Norsat became the official satellite service provider for FNESS in 2011, serving the 17 First Nations communities involved in the program. Prior to Norsat’s involvement, the infrastructure for satellite connectivity lacked a long term service provider , however, since 2011, over 2300 residents have been given broadband [...]
View full article Norsat has provided high quality Satellite News Gathering Equipment and services to CTV, Canada’s largest private broadcaster, since 2006. Prior to working with Norsat, CTV used a combination of Satellite News Trucks and low bandwidth satellite terminals to cover Canada’s international and domestic news events, however they [...]

Our customer support engineers work tirelessly to ensure your communications and connectivity needs are met anytime and anywhere.  We could list dozens of examples of their great work, but a recent success with a short notice request from a Public Affairs detachment with the US Military is worth shouting about. The Problem: The [...]

PDF Version Norsat has provided satellite communication equipment and services for the Finnish Defence Forces since 2009.  Before Norsat’s involvement, the Defence Forces were using an external network provider and needed a more reliable solution.  Norsat met this need with an in house communication network, which was scaled from an [...]